The NetMedia UTP Video Decoder Replacement Module can only be used with a NetMedia UTPENC encoder (UTPSET) or a NetMedia UTP camera (UTPENC built-in).
Product Includes
1. NetMedia UTP Video Decoder module.
2. 24V DC 200mA Power Transformer.
3. RCA Video Cable.
UTPDEC Document
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One Wire Video™ Installation
Supports popular color and B/W cameras
Provides remote 12V DC 150mA power
Uses one inexpensive UTP cable
Uses pre-existing CAT5 or better cable
Supports up to 1000 ft with color and B/W
Supports industry standard wiring schemes
Supports standard RJ-45 plugs
Sturdy aluminum boxes
One year limited warranty
Input/Output Video Connector:
Input/Output Video Signal:
Encoder/Decoder Video Connector:
Encoder/Decoder Video Signal:
Encoder/Decoder Cable Type:
Encoder/Decoder Cable Distance Range:
UTP Decoder Size:
UTP Decoder Weight:
UTP Decoder Power Input:
UTP Decoder Power Connector:
Female RCA
Female RJ-45 jack
UTP: CAT5 or better
Up to 1000’
3.2” long, 2.2” wide, 0.9” thick
3 oz.
24V DC, 200mA
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, center positive