The NetMedia UTP Video Encoder and Decoder modules allow popular 12V DC cameras to use Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable, such as CAT5, for both power and video. There is no need to run multiple cables to the camera location.
Product Includes
1. NetMedia UTP Video Encoder module.
2. NetMedia UTP Video Decoder module.
3. 24V DC 200mA Power Transformer.
3. Power Extension Cable and two RCA Video Cables.
UTPSET Document
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One Wire Video™ Installation
Supports popular color and B/W cameras
Provides remote 12V DC 150mA power
Uses one inexpensive UTP cable
Uses pre-existing CAT5 or better cable
Supports up to 1000 ft with color and B/W
Supports industry standard wiring schemes
Supports standard RJ-45 plugs
Sturdy aluminum boxes
Includes power supply
One year limited warranty
Input/Output Video Connector:
Input/Output Video Signal:
Encoder/Decoder Video Connector:
Encoder/Decoder Video Signal:
Encoder/Decoder Cable Type:
Encoder/Decoder Cable Distance Range:
UTP Encoder Size:
UTP Encoder Weight:
UTP Encoder Power Output:
UTP Encoder Power Connector:
UTP Decoder Size:
UTP Decoder Weight:
UTP Decoder Power Input:
UTP Decoder Power Connector:
Female RCA
Female RJ-45 jack
UTP: CAT5 or better
Up to 1000’
3.2” long, 2.2” wide, 0.9” thick
3 oz.
12V DC, 150mA
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, center positive
3.2” long, 2.2” wide, 0.9” thick
3 oz.
24V DC, 200mA
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, center positive