The NetMedia MODCAM is a self contained camera and modulator that converts the video signal to a selected television channel. It is powered over the same coax cable that returns the video broadcast signal for One Wire Video™ installation.
Product Includes
1. Camera Assembly (Camera, Modulator, Housing, Housing Cap, Elbow Bracket, Locking Ring, Base, Gasket, Video/Power Connector).
2. Power Injector and 12V DC 300mA Power Transformer
3. Mounting hardware (Mounting Screws, Grounding Strap and Screw).
MODCAM-DW Document
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- Modulator built into camera
- One Wire Video™ installation
- Combines with existing TV channels
- Viewable on multiple televisions
- Excellent image quality
- Tough billet aluminum housing
- Weather resistant enclosure
- Internally routed cables
- Mounts to standard electrical fixtures
- Mounts directly to walls and ceilings
- Works in low light conditions
- Accepts photo lens accessories
- Adjustable camera angles
- Tamper resistant wiring
- Includes power supply and power injector
- 1 year limited warranty
Camera Lens:
Image Sensor:
Field of View:
Min Illumination:
Infrared Sensitivity:
Modulation Method:
Output Channel:
Output Level:
Output Connector:
Cable Type:
Power Requirement:
Power Connector:
External Accessory Threads:
Housing Size:
Base Size:
Mounting Holes:
1/3" CCD
540 lines
72° Horizontal
0.1 Lux
Digital Crystal PLL
UHF 14-69, CABLE 70-94, 100-125
Female F, 75 Ohm
RG59, RG6 or better
12V DC, 300mA
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, center positive
37mm x .75 pitch
2.13“ dia. x 3” long
4.5” dia., .75” high, 1/2“ hole
3.5” centers
1 lb.