The NetMedia MM70 Micro-Modulator converts composite video and stereo audio to a monaural television signal. The selectable channel is viewed with a standard television (SDTV) tuner.
Product Includes
1. Modulator Assembly (Video Input Connector, Audio Input Connector, RF Output Connector,
Power Input Connector, End Plate, Switch Bank, Gain Adjustment, Power LED).
2. 12V DC 100mA Power Transformer
3. RCA Video Cable, 3.5mm Stereo to Dual RCA Audio Cable.
MM70 Document
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Part # NM-MM70
- Digital PLL locked audio & video - no drift
- Combines with existing TV channels
- Viewable on multiple televisions
- UHF & Cable channel coverage
- Channel retained during power outage
- Tough aluminum housing
- Includes power supply
- 5 year limited warranty
Modulation Method:
Output Channel:
Output Level:
Output Connector:
Video Input Connector:
Audio Input Connector:
Audio Output:
Cable Type:
Power Requirement:
Power Connector:
Housing Size:
Digital Crystal PLL
SDTV: UHF 14-69, CABLE 70-94, 100-125
Selectable, 0 to +30dBmV
Female F, 75 Ohm
RCA Phono, 75 Ohm, 1 Vp-p
3.5mm Stereo, 75,000 Ohm, 1 Vp-p
RG59, RG6 or better
12V DC, 100mA
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, center positive
3.2“ long x 2.2” wide x 0.9“ high
4.0 oz.