The NetMedia MM73S TriplePlay Stereo Modulator converts three composite video and stereo audio signals to three MTS Stereo television channels. The selectable channels are viewed with a standard television (SDTV) tuner.
Product Includes
1. Modulator Assembly (3 - A/Video Input Connectors, RF Output Connector, Power Input Connector, End Plate, 3 - Switch Banks, Power LED).
2. 12V DC 300mA Power Transformer
3. 3 - 3.5mm to RCA A/V Cables.
MM73S Document
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Part # NM-MM73S
- Stereo audio input and output
- Digital PLL locked audio & video - no drift
- Combines with existing TV channels
- Viewable on multiple televisions
- UHF & Cable channel coverage
- Channel retained during power outage
- Tough aluminum housing
- Includes power supply
- 5 year limited warranty
Modulation Method:
Output Channel:
Output Level:
Output Connector:
Input Connector:
Video Input Signal:
Audio Input Signal:
Audio Output:
Cable Type:
Power Requirement:
Power Connector:
Housing Size:
Digital Crystal PLL
SDTV: UHF 14-69, CABLE 70-94, 100-125
Female F, 75 Ohm
3- 3.5mm A/V jacks
Baseband, 75 Ohm, 1 Vp-p
Stereo, 75,000 Ohm, 1 Vp-p
MTS Stereo
RG59, RG6 or better
12V DC, 300mA
5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, center positive
3.9“ long x 5.5” wide x 0.9“ high
9.0 oz.